The Science of Optimal Solar System Size

System sizing is one of the many skills that comprise the “Art of Solar”. Experienced solar developers have a feel for what is the best system size for a customer and are able to find a configuration that works for the customers specific economics. That’s a requirement when it’s hard to run avoided cost calculations […]

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New Look for Genability Explorer

Genability has gotten a makeover and now you can see more information on every page.  We’ve consolidated all of the navigation into the top menu bar, allowing you to see more data on each screen. Explorer still has all the old functionality and you will find it in the same place it was before, just […]

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Uploading Solar Production into Explorer

Earlier this month Genability released the new Value of Solar feature set including the ability to upload solar production data independent of usage.   Now the Cost Analysis tool subtracts solar production from usage and delivers you the Value of Solar. Uploading Solar Production data is as simple as uploading usage.  Go to the profile […]

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Enter Demand when Entering Bills in Explorer

Reproducing your customer’s usage from bills just got easier in Explorer.  With our latest release you can now enter demand (kW) values together with consumption (kWh) values when entering usage data from bills. As always, if you’re having any trouble getting usage data into Explorer, we want to help.  Email us at with your […]

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Value of Solar

Now you can determine exactly what solar production will be worth to your customer within Explorer.   Using the account functionality you can put an exact price on the utility costs solar production will replace,  the Value of Solar. Calculate the Value of Solar – On the Solar Savings line in Cost Analysis,we show the […]

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Genability Partners with ModSolar

Genability is excited to announce that we will be partnering with new Genability customer ModSolar.  ModSolar provides solar system providers with web-based and mobile apps that allow them to quickly generate proposals and perform remote system design. ModSolar will provide Genability with 1000s of real-world usage and production curves that Genability will use to test […]

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New Calculation Summary in Explorer

In response to your requests, we have added more information to our calculation summaries in Genability Explorer.  You no longer need to get out your calculator to determine the difference in consumption between two profiles or to see the precise savings as measured in ¢ per kWh.   As you can see in the example […]

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Data Display Upgrades in Explorer

Have you logged in recently?  Have you noticed our newest data visualization efforts?  Log in today to check out newest features (all links below lead to Explorer for your convenience). Customizable Price Visualization -Pick a tariff and see the currentseries of prices by adjusting the time range.  Click on it to zoom in or out. […]

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New Search and API Options

We’ve added a number of new features to make it easier to find and organize your data.  Now you can:   Search Tariffs by Contents – Find tariffs with Time of Use, Tiered, Contracted and Applicability Dependent rates. Search Accounts by Customer – Find all your accounts for a single Customer New Grouping Options – […]

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One-Click Accounts, Maps and More Explorer Upgrades

Have you logged into Explorer recently?  We’re happy to announce a number of upgrades to Explorer tariff tabs, including: One-Click Accounts – Click the More Actions – New Account button in the right corner to create an account using the tariff you are viewing.  Then you’re just a usage profile away from running what if […]

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