Jenny Trinh

Jenny works directly with customers on their integration of Genability’s APIs and performs avoided cost analyses for C&I customers. She has previously worked for the Quality Management team at Alternative Family Services. Jenny has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from University of California, Davis.

The Latest Additions to the Genability Developer Network and our APIs

Over the last 6 months or so we have put quite a bit of work into improving the documentation on our Genability Developer Network (GDN) site. This reflects some of the improvements and additions to our suite of APIs, including better ways to calculate actual solar savings and to use our latest calculation endpoints. It […]

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Genability Switch V4: New APIs

Over the past few weeks we’ve introduced Switch API upgrades including Dash, a web-app to view and troubleshoot savings analyses, and Savings Analysis Watch, which automatically reviews Savings Analysis results for atypical results. To complement these new features, you can now access information on historical savings analyses through the Savings Analysis History API, and on […]

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