New Net Metering Tariff Available for Nevada Energy

When Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed AB-405 on Friday he removed a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Net Metering in Nevada.  Under AB-405, new solar customers in Nevada are guaranteed a net metering credit for the next twenty years tied to the retail price of power.  Genability has already made the first version of this tariff available in our system as RS-NEM-95PCT : Residential Single-Family Net Meter – 95 Pct.  This is now available for our Switch customers to use as a post-solar tariff.

The new tariff structure compensates solar customers for power provided to the grid at 95% of the retail rate.  The true-up for this compensation happens at the end of each billing period and is guaranteed for the next 20 years.  The net metering credit begins at 95% and will decrease over time as each 80 MW blocks is filled. This replaces the previous rate structure, that compensated the customer at a fixed rate scheduled to decrease to only 5¢/kWh by 2020.

The new rate structure is now available via our APIs and our web applications, Dash and Explorer.  Once the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada makes the new NEM rate effective, we will enforce the post-solar tariff defaulting logic in the Switch API to ensure that your analyses reflect the newly required tariff.  We’re thrilled to see the Nevada market re-open and glad to do our part to help sell more solar in Nevada.

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