Texas is Different

Texas is the only U.S. state that used to be its own country and it’s the only state that isn’t served by either the Eastern or Western Interconnection.  It was the first state to deregulate its electricity suppliers and it’s the only state where the local distributing utility (TDSP in ERCOT-speak) does not offer default electric supply to its customers.  In summary, Texas is just different.

Genability handles Texas differently too.  Within Explorer and the APIs, Texas behaves much like other states where you can contract your electric supply but with one important difference, the Typical Retail Rate.   Rather than receiving the default electric supply offer from the distributing utility like you would in New York or Illinois, in Texas we offer a tariff associated with the distributing utility (Oncor, Centerpoint, AEP North and AEP Central) with a typical retail rate determined by Genability.  We assign this rate using public published rates for residential tariffs and using EIA-reported rates for commercial tariffs.

You get all the Transmission and Distribution charges from the distributing utility and a Typical Retail Rate that reflects prevailing electricity rates for that utility.  Either use the prevailing rate or your exact contracted rate, it’s that easy.  Try it next time you log in to Explorer.

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