The Energy UFO

Our friends at Visible Energy recently released the new Energy UFO Power Center (“Energy UFO”), which is designed to let consumers visualize electricity consumption, packaged in a vessel which truly looks out of this world.

The Energy UFO acts as a manageable power strip that glows different colors to indicate high and low consumption. It also allows users that have iPhones or iPads to talk to it using a very clean and easy-to-use app where they can: view consumption history, see how much electricity their devices are consuming in real time, and even turn devices on or off, all from their compatible mobile device. All of this can be done anywhere in the range of the device’s own generated wi-fi network. We did run into some connectivity intermittence, but they seemed to have resolved themselves with some updates by the Visible Energy team.

Given our pricing product, we love that the app has a “Cost”. This function allows users to input how much they are being charged for electricity at that moment, and the Energy UFO will give them an accurate price-tag to power those devices. If you want to find out what your electricity cost are, we have them on our site, for free.

All in all a great addition to the companies trying to help energy users understand and manage their power usage and costs more.

Check out Visible Energy here.  Check out our Electricity Pricing APIs here.

Energy UFO at Genability


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