The future is awesome!

One thing that I learned from Saul Griffith is that our energy future is awesome! His point is that fear is not a strong motivator. Start talking about the effects of climate change, and you lose half your audience at the outset. Start talking about how awesome our energy future is, and everyone tunes in.

Wattzon is a cool online toolkit to track your energy

Wattzon is a free online service that allows you track your energy

Saul is one of the brainiacs behind Wattzon, a free online tool to quantify, track, compare and understand the total amount of energy needed to support all of the facets of your lifestyle with the goal of helping you find ways to reduce your personal power consumption.

Fact is, our sustainable energy future is awesome. By leveraging a confluence of revolutionary technologies including open data, social networking, cloud computing, smart energy, distributed generation and renewable energies, we are creating a cloud energy marketplace that will turn every consumer into a producer.

Some significant barriers remain, including regulatory, technological and market barriers. But we are lining them up, and knocking them down.

We are first building a comprehensive electricity pricing database (Genability API), and then an innovative suite of web-services, to make this information easy-to-find, and easy-to-use. This allows us and our partners to give homes and businesses insight, control and ultimately choice over the energy prices they pay, and the energy they use, produce, buy and sell.

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