What’s your power? Check it: whatsmypower.com

With the launch of whatsmypower.com, Genability demystifies complex power-tariffs for electricity consumers large and small nationwide.

“Right now, power consumers across at least twenty States can shave their power bills substantially without much impact on their daily lives, just by changing their rate plans,” said Jason Riley, founder and president of Genability.  “We want to empower the energy consumer over the energy they are using, what they pay for it, and eventually what they get paid.”

Genability is a web start-up that gives energy consumers more power over the energy they are using.  The San Francisco-based team has crowd-sourced a comprehensive database of energy tariffs from electric utilities throughout North America.

“We are working hard to open up our database to the developer community.” says Emile Baziel who manages development of Genability’s API, “We will launch our APIs in early April, enabling developers to create cool apps having a complete and accurate basis of energy pricing information across territory, time, rate plan and other variables.”

The data is critical for a diverse range of grid-focused industries, ranging from solar installers, efficiency experts, home and building energy dashboards, electric vehicles, data centers, energy intensive industry, distributed generation and many other emerging marketplaces.  The solar and efficiencies industries have taken off in California, and throughout the US. Installed solar will account for 41 kWh of nationwide energy generation in 2011, and is projected to contribute 50 kWh to the nation’s energy mix in 2013. (Source: Cleantech)

“This is only a small fraction of our energy demands.  But then again, a lot of our energy demands are in fact totally bogus,” says John Tucker who manages product development for Genability.  “Give more power to the people, and the whole kit-and-kaboodle would be a lot more efficient.”

Genability plans to develop a suite of web and mobile applications for energy consumers and producers large and small, and an open API (launching early April) so that developers and others can integrate freely with our products and services.

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