Developer APIs…coming right up!

We’ve been heads down cranking away at collecting pricing data from across all 3,500 utility companies in the U.S.  And at the same time we’re building the start of what will eventually become a rich suite of web services for energy transparency, monitoring, forecasting and optimization.  We’ll have the alpha version of our electricity pricing API’s available soon and with that you can start tying in geo-based residential energy pricing into your apps.
There’s a lot more to come including recommended cost-saving actions based on real load profiles, Commercial & Industrial pricing (this is a beast but we love the challenge) and comparative usage, “My neighbor uses HOW MUCH less than I do??”
If you’re looking to integrate energy pricing into your service offering or you just want to play around with a shiny new set of APIs, drop us a line and you’ll be the first to know when they’re ready.

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