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Canada Rates Now Available

Genability has expanded its tariff coverage to our neighbors up north! We now have Canadian residential and commercial utilities, tariffs, riders and territories available in our Switch and Conduct products. Our Canadian coverage includes 90% of the Canadian market including 10 provinces, 115 utility providers and over 700 tariffs. As we’ve gathered data over the […]

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Getting rates in US $

We all prefer dollars to cents so why would it be any different in our APIs?  Well, thanks to a user who pointed this out, we noticed that we were returning consumption and demand rates in cents instead of US Dollars. To be clear, this is only when you are retrieving a tariff and asking […]

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Introducing Genability Explorer Beta

As soon as we announced our Calculate API in August the requests started.  Our users loved the functionality of the Calculate API but wished there was a way to interact with Genability’s electricity pricing data without writing code.  ‘Sometimes,’ they said, ‘you just want to explore the database’ — and thus Genability Explorer was born! Genability […]

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Carbon Hack

Our friends at AMEE also have a cool API, with a focus on Carbon data (and other GHGs). Since our focus is on Energy Pricing Data, the combined possibilities are really quite exciting. (We hope that developers at the CleanWeb Hack next weekend in San Francisco will mash-up some cool hacks with our combined APIs) […]

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Power Hacks

Taking Control of your Power If you want to take control of your power, the first thing you need to do is get access to your own real-time energy consumption data. (Preferably on your smartphone or at least through a web-service). Don’t worry we’ll walk you through the process, no matter where you live, nor […]

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The Energy UFO

Our friends at Visible Energy recently released the new Energy UFO Power Center (“Energy UFO”), which is designed to let consumers visualize electricity consumption, packaged in a vessel which truly looks out of this world. The Energy UFO acts as a manageable power strip that glows different colors to indicate high and low consumption. It also allows users that have […]

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Tariff-aware Cloud Computing?

Facebook users share over 25 billion pieces of content, and view 500 billion pages, every month. (One of Facebook’s clusters has over 2250 machines and 23,000 cores, compressing 80-90 TB of data every day). Similarly, Linkedin crunches over 120 billion relationships per day. Do you ever wonder how much the electricity is costing? The largest […]

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Genability API’s now in Public Beta

It is with great pleasure we announce the roll-out of our first APIs into public beta. At the same time we are also launching the Genability Developer Network (GDN). Genability Developer Network Anyone can sign up for a free Genability Developer Network Account at http://developer.genability.com. Here you will find complete documentation of our API’s, tools […]

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What’s your power? Check it: whatsmypower.com

“Right now, energy consumers across at least twenty States can shave their energy bills substantially without much impact on their daily lives, just by changing their rate plans,” said Jason Riley, founder and president of Genability. “With the launch of www.whatsmypower.coom we are empowering the energy consumer over the energy they are using, what they pay for it, and eventually what they get paid.”

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The ‘Natural Monopoly’

For you and me, an intelligent grid will translate into cost-saving opportunities, including variable pricing (including time-of-use pricing, intermittent pricing) and arbitrage possibilities (ie. energy storage and generation).

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