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The Smart Grid “Product”

Over the past few years utilities have been striving to bring the outdated infrastructure of the grid into the big data world we live in today where consumer data can be analyzed and turned into insight.  Their first answer: Smart Grid 1.0. Smart Grid 1.0 was the push for the distribution of smart meters to […]

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Power Hacks

Taking Control of your Power If you want to take control of your power, the first thing you need to do is get access to your own real-time energy consumption data. (Preferably on your smartphone or at least through a web-service). Don’t worry we’ll walk you through the process, no matter where you live, nor […]

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The PG&E Marketing Hoax

If you catch one of the PG&E SmartMeter ™ ads on TV, you might get excited by what they promise. The ads are slickly produced, with customers describing how cool it is to ‘See Your Power,’ receive ‘Energy Alerts’ and manage how much energy you use. The trouble is, the ads are ‘forward-looking‘, and more […]

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The ‘Natural Monopoly’

For you and me, an intelligent grid will translate into cost-saving opportunities, including variable pricing (including time-of-use pricing, intermittent pricing) and arbitrage possibilities (ie. energy storage and generation).

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Changing collective energy consumption patterns

Hint: Make it sexy!

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Privacy: the “Sleeper Issue” in Smart Grid 2.0

“We recognize that privacy needs to be designed right the first time, and built into the main architecture of our products and services,” says Jason Riley, CEO and Founder of Genability. “In the energy data context, we need to get it right from the outset. We want to earn and retain the trust of the energy consumer.”

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