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Apps for Energy Competition Announced by the Department of Energy

Get ready to change the way you think about your electricity bill! The Department of Energy (DOE) just announced the details for its Apps for Energy competition.  The DOE is challenging developers to use Green Button data to create apps for residential consumers to reduce energy usage and save money.  Competition opened Thursday, and the […]

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Introducing Genability Explorer Beta

As soon as we announced our Calculate API in August the requests started.  Our users loved the functionality of the Calculate API but wished there was a way to interact with Genability’s electricity pricing data without writing code.  ‘Sometimes,’ they said, ‘you just want to explore the database’ — and thus Genability Explorer was born! Genability […]

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Energy for Cupcakes

Can you imagine if we treated pricing of everyday goods like we treat energy? Consider the following example: I go to the corner bakery everyday for a week and get a cupcake (on Thursday I was bad and had two).  At the end of the week the bakery bills me.  I know the average price […]

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Electricity Bills Are Not Created Equal

When you type ‘electricity bill’ into your favorite search engine, you’ll find the results generated have one common theme, reducing your electricity bill.  There are many resources out there that give energy consumers tips on how to do just that. You can change your light bulbs, upgrade your appliances or simply turn the lights out […]

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About Tariffs

Electricity tariffs are the contract between a utility and its customers.  In the past selecting your electricity tariff was like choosing the color of your Model T, there was no choice.  That’s changing as Utility Commissions push the utilities to provide consumers with choices.  In deregulated markets, non-utility electric suppliers are offering an enormous variety […]

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What’s your power? Check it: whatsmypower.com

“Right now, energy consumers across at least twenty States can shave their energy bills substantially without much impact on their daily lives, just by changing their rate plans,” said Jason Riley, founder and president of Genability. “With the launch of www.whatsmypower.coom we are empowering the energy consumer over the energy they are using, what they pay for it, and eventually what they get paid.”

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Translating Your Electric Bill, Part 1

If you’ve never spent any time thinking about electricity rates, you’re not alone.  For the past century electricity consumers have been supplied with cheap, reliable electricity on the unspoken condition that we don’t notice that our local utility is a monopoly.  That’s changing now for a lot of reasons, chief among them de-regulation of electricity […]

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