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Energy for Cupcakes

Can you imagine if we treated pricing of everyday goods like we treat energy? Consider the following example: I go to the corner bakery everyday for a week and get a cupcake (on Thursday I was bad and had two).  At the end of the week the bakery bills me.  I know the average price […]

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Price Response Mash-up

Within the next 2 years, approximately 220,000 mid-sized medium and 1,000,000 small commercial accounts will be defaulted onto Critical Peak Pricing in California alone. Smart hackers at the CleanWeb Hackathon can mash-up our Electricity Pricing APIs, with (shiny new, private-alpha) Demand Response APIs from our partners at Joule Assets. The possibilities are quite awesome, and […]

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CleanWeb Hacks

Utilities and energy consumers will soon be engulfed in massive clouds of energy data emerging from newly installed SmartMeters. We believe by combining real-time consumption data with accurate pricing data, cleanweb hackers might create the key to our energy future. Not all Kilowatt hours are created equal. All investor-owned utilities in California are mandated to […]

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Peakshaving through the Heat Wave

In parts of New England, wholesale spot prices for electricity hit $560 per megawatt hour on friday, 10 times annual average prices. The PJM Interconnection announced that it set a new record for Peak Power Use by meeting demand for 158,450 megawatts of power. (One megawatt of power can power 1000 homes). The PJM Interconnection, […]

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