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Investigating the Effect of California’s NEM 2.0 on Solar Savings

Update: On May 31, 2016 PG&E closed the residential time-of-use tariff used in this analysis (E-6) for new enrollment and added ETOU-A and ETOU-B as new options for residential customers. Genability Switch was updated on that day to reflect the current options for customers switching to time-of-use. More information about the new tariffs is found here […]

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Announcing Developer Toolbox

We’re pleased to announce our newest product, the Genability Developer Toolbox. With the release of our Developer Toolbox, software developers can now build more of our capabilities right into their energy applications.  Ideal for energy efficiency, distributed generation, load management, procurement, demand response, EV, and in fact any application where you need to understand how […]

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The San Francisco Bay Bridge Goes LED

1.8 miles long, 500 feet high and 25,000 individually programmed lights. The San Francisco Bay Bridge has become the world’s largest LED light sculpture.  The Bay Lights Project will shine every night for the next two years. The cost to keep the lights on?  About $15 a night or $11,000 for the full two years. […]

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Control API Response with new Fields parameter

We’ve added a new argument to practically every one of our API endpoints that allows you energy app developers more control over the data that’s returned to you.  By optionally passing in the parameter “fields” with a value of “min” (for minimum) or ‘ext’ (for extended) your response payload will contain only the data properties […]

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HOW TO: Pass Contracted Supplier Rates to the Calculate API

In 16 states, electricity customers can choose a electric supplier that is not their local utility.  Genability makes it easy to integrate these contracted rates into your calculations. If you are using our API, here’s how. To run a calculation with an overridden supplier rate you simply pass in a ‘RateInput’.  This will swap out any rate […]

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New Search and API Options

We’ve added a number of new features to make it easier to find and organize your data.  Now you can:   Search Tariffs by Contents – Find tariffs with Time of Use, Tiered, Contracted and Applicability Dependent rates. Search Accounts by Customer – Find all your accounts for a single Customer New Grouping Options – […]

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A New View into Contracted Rate

As you can see the Cost Summary has got a new look in Explorer.  As requested, we now calculate and display the average per kWh cost for every calculation. In addition, we’ve also created a separate line item for the contracted rate (for tariffs that are eligible).  This makes it easy to see in a […]

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CostButton.com / Apps For Energy Behind the Scenes Tech

The U.S. Energy Department issued a challenge to software developers to create an app to help utility customers make the most out of the Green Button electricity usage data. At Genability, we work hard to gather energy pricing data across the United States and structure it in a way that developers can use. So we […]

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Genability is excited to introduce CostButton.com, our submission for the Apps for Energy challenge.    As we all know, when it comes to owning a car, there is more to the cost than just the price you pay for it: maintenance, gas, and now with Electric Vehicles becoming more popular, electricity.  With CostButton.com you can see […]

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.CSV and Explorer

Genability currently accepts usage data from our customers in both Green Button and .CSV formats.  Our CSV format is the same as Google PowerMeter’s format and we look to expand the formats we accept in the next several months. In the meantime we have create a series of blank CSVs (links below) that allow you […]

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