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HOW TO: Pass Contracted Supplier Rates to the Calculate API

In 16 states, electricity customers can choose a electric supplier that is not their local utility.  Genability makes it easy to integrate these contracted rates into your calculations. If you are using our API, here’s how. To run a calculation with an overridden supplier rate you simply pass in a ‘RateInput’.  This will swap out any rate […]

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Sun was Shining on Cleanweb Solar

This weekend concluded the first Cleanweb Solar Hackathon hosted by Sungevity in Oakland.  Developers, programmers, and business types all collaberated to create teams that competed against one another to build applications that made solar power easy, efficient and a part of our daily lives.  To kick things off, the audience heard words of encouragement for […]

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Apps for Energy Competition Announced by the Department of Energy

Get ready to change the way you think about your electricity bill! The Department of Energy (DOE) just announced the details for its Apps for Energy competition.  The DOE is challenging developers to use Green Button data to create apps for residential consumers to reduce energy usage and save money.  Competition opened Thursday, and the […]

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How to use our APIs

Check out these videos, for a quick and dirty overview of using our RESTful APIs including using the Price method, getting Tariff data and getting Load Serving Entity data. Price Get a point-in-time price of any tariff.   Tariffs Get the details of any electricity tariff within the U.S. (residential, commercial & industrial)   Load […]

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How to calculate the cost of a tariff

The most frequent question we get is “What is the easiest way to calculate the cost of a tariff?” EDIT: As of October 2017 this continues to be a populate blog post. However, in the 6 years since we first published this, we have moved on quite a bit. We recommend reviewing out developer website, […]

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The future is awesome!

One thing that I learned from Saul Griffith is that our energy future is awesome! His point is that fear is not a strong motivator. Start talking about the effects of climate change, and you lose half your audience at the outset. Start talking about how awesome our energy future is, and everyone tunes in. […]

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