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The website is a resource for power consumers to learn more about their power costs, choices and how they can. Blog posts here talk about the site, including news, commentary and useful information. Comments always greatly appreciated.

Power Hacks

Taking Control of your Power If you want to take control of your power, the first thing you need to do is get access to your own real-time energy consumption data. (Preferably on your smartphone or at least through a web-service). Don’t worry we’ll walk you through the process, no matter where you live, nor […]

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The Energy UFO

Our friends at Visible Energy recently released the new Energy UFO Power Center (“Energy UFO”), which is designed to let consumers visualize electricity consumption, packaged in a vessel which truly looks out of this world. The Energy UFO acts as a manageable power strip that glows different colors to indicate high and low consumption. It also allows users that have […]

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The PG&E Marketing Hoax

If you catch one of the PG&E SmartMeter ™ ads on TV, you might get excited by what they promise. The ads are slickly produced, with customers describing how cool it is to ‘See Your Power,’ receive ‘Energy Alerts’ and manage how much energy you use. The trouble is, the ads are ‘forward-looking‘, and more […]

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A Problem of Understanding

If the average person doesn’t understand how electricity prices are structured, how are they going to save money on their bill? The recent Deloitte reSources 2011 Study indicates that only 38% of people claim they understand the resources offered to them by their electricity provider. Additionally, only 17% believe it would not be difficult for […]

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About Tariffs

Electricity tariffs are the contract between a utility and its customers.  In the past selecting your electricity tariff was like choosing the color of your Model T, there was no choice.  That’s changing as Utility Commissions push the utilities to provide consumers with choices.  In deregulated markets, non-utility electric suppliers are offering an enormous variety […]

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Free Money! Energy Audits and Retrofits

If you live within the city limits of San Francisco, and you own your home, you may be entitled to free money (up to $7000! per house) to conduct an energy audit, and resulting energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades. (Funds are available until March, 2012). Plus, you’ll save tons of cash in the long run […]

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What’s My Power’s Major League Coverage

You could not describe a more perfect San Francisco spring day than the one we’re having today.  Bright and sunny, in the mid-80s — it’s perfect for Opening Day.  After 6 weeks of practice in the desert, our hometown World Series Champion Giants are ready to play games that count. At Genability, we’ve turned a […]

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What’s your power? Check it:

“Right now, energy consumers across at least twenty States can shave their energy bills substantially without much impact on their daily lives, just by changing their rate plans,” said Jason Riley, founder and president of Genability. “With the launch of www.whatsmypower.coom we are empowering the energy consumer over the energy they are using, what they pay for it, and eventually what they get paid.”

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Vampires Suck!

Energy Vampires account for 10 percent of residential electricity use. Solutions abound: get energy bars for all your gadgets, and use them! Try out The Energy Detective, which measures how much energy is being used in the home at any given time. If you are remodelling, consider installing switched outlets.

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Do the same things and still save money

Joe Energy User:  “So I know I should be better about turning off the lights and using less electricity, but what’s that really going to save me?  A few dollars here and there?” Studies have shown that you are three times as likely to choose the status quo over changing your behavior to a new product.  […]

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