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When Policy Changes Impact Savings

Net energy metering (NEM) has been a critical driver in the growth of residential solar over the past decade. There is an ongoing debate between utility companies and proponents of solar energy as to whether net metering at retail rates is the appropriate value to place on residential rooftop solar. Per a recent report by […]

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What’s My Customer’s Likely Rate Plan?

Do your customers know what electricity rate plan they are on (most utilities have more than one)?  Most homes and businesses don’t.  If they don’t know, you aren’t going to know either.  Their actual rate plan is one of the key factors in their unique energy cost (along with how much they use and sometimes when […]

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Uploading Solar Production into Explorer

Earlier this month Genability released the new Value of Solar feature set including the ability to upload solar production data independent of usage.   Now the Cost Analysis tool subtracts solar production from usage and delivers you the Value of Solar. Uploading Solar Production data is as simple as uploading usage.  Go to the profile […]

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Value of Solar

Now you can determine exactly what solar production will be worth to your customer within Explorer.   Using the account functionality you can put an exact price on the utility costs solar production will replace,  the Value of Solar. Calculate the Value of Solar – On the Solar Savings line in Cost Analysis,we show the […]

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Hot times in NYC today

It’s hardly news to anyone on the East Coast that it’s hot today, but did you know it’s affecting what you pay for electricity?  If you’re on the Voluntary Time-of-Day pricing in Manhattan today you’re paying a whopping 72.5¢ per kWh!   Sounds like a good day to shut down everything in the house and […]

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MIT’s “Cubic Solar Energy”

Researchers at MIT are hard at work on the problem of solar efficiency, and lowering the cost per kilowatt on solar panels. A few weeks ago, senior researcher Jeffrey Grossman presented his findings on a new type of solar architecture published in the journal of Energy and Environmental Science, which he claims can “open new […]

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Working with Contracted Rates in Deregulated Markets

You may have noticed that when running a calculation on a tariff in a deregulated market, there’s a new option available: Now you can enter your contracted rate or discount whenever competitive electric supply is available!  Either enter your contracted rate as cents per kWh (e.g. 7.1¢) or expressed as a discount (e.g. enter 95 […]

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The “Green Button” Benefits!

The New York City area has some of the highest electricity pricing in the country and for a consumer to start saving on his electricity bill, he first needs to know and understand his usage and how the available rate plans impact it.  NYC is served by Consolidated Edison, the delivery company for the residents in […]

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New Year, New Rates – The Evolution of Electricity Pricing

A brand new year means new rates! We’ve been spending the time around the holidays working hard to get all the rate changes into our database in time for the January 1, 2012 effective date. Over 1000 rates have been updated in the past week ensuring that our database is 100% up-to-date. One of the […]

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Electricity Tariff Glossary – Residential Tariffs

Since we launched Genability at the end of last year, we’ve been often asked for a quick start to understanding electricity tariffs.  With that in mind,we put together a simple glossary of electricity tariff features, complete with links to Genability Explorer for examples (You’ll need to be logged in for the links to work).  If […]

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