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Genability’s Solar Savings – Approved Tool for SunPower Dealers

Genability is excited to announce that we have become an approved SunPower vendor. SunPower dealers & installers can now use their SunPower Dealer Funds for a subscription to Genability Solar Savings.  Not only can SunPower dealers deliver precise, timely proposals that save their customers money, but they can also save themselves some money! Genability Solar Savings gives […]

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Genability Releases Solar Savings Tools For PV Developers And Installers

We are proud to release Genability Solar Savings into the universe. Genability Solar Savings helps residential and commercial solar providers deliver precise Solar Avoided Cost Calculations to their customers.  This includes tools to analyze leads, deliver proposals and provide post-install savings reports. The launch of our Solar Savings product also marks the completion of our […]

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Genability Presents at ASES Solar2013

This week in Baltimore, America’s longest running solar conference begins!  In its 42nd year, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) presents SOLAR2013.  Why is this year different from the previous 41 you ask? Well, this will be Genability’s first time making a presence.  On Wednesday afternoon, Genability’s Eric Danziger will be presenting on an NREL sponsored panel […]

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Value of Solar in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a great place to vacation. What’s not so great are the island’s electricity rates.  Rates in this popular vacation spot are among the highest in the U.S.  The Islands rely primarily on imported fossil fuels to power their energy needs and given their remote location this sometimes leads to shortages […]

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What’s My Customer’s Likely Rate Plan?

Do your customers know what electricity rate plan they are on (most utilities have more than one)?  Most homes and businesses don’t.  If they don’t know, you aren’t going to know either.  Their actual rate plan is one of the key factors in their unique energy cost (along with how much they use and sometimes when […]

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Popular Solar “Genability Tasks”

We recently launched Genability Tasks, an easy way to get help with energy costs and usage for prospecting, sales and marketing, customer service and support and more.  We do quite a bit of work in the solar space, so a month or so into Genability Tasks being publicly available, we wanted to highlight a few solar examples. […]

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Genability Tasks – a new Managed Service

Our Explorer web site and Tariff Cloud APIs enable you to perform self service research, calculations and analysis of energy cost related data. Today we are pleased formalize an additional way to help you with your energy cost related tasks. It’s called Genability Tasks and is part of our Managed Service offerings. Examples of Tasks Here […]

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Uploading Solar Production into Explorer

Earlier this month Genability released the new Value of Solar feature set including the ability to upload solar production data independent of usage.   Now the Cost Analysis tool subtracts solar production from usage and delivers you the Value of Solar. Uploading Solar Production data is as simple as uploading usage.  Go to the profile […]

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Value of Solar

Now you can determine exactly what solar production will be worth to your customer within Explorer.   Using the account functionality you can put an exact price on the utility costs solar production will replace,  the Value of Solar. Calculate the Value of Solar – On the Solar Savings line in Cost Analysis,we show the […]

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PG&E Residential Rates Get a New Tier

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has done a re-org to their residential rate structure.   In an effort to show a more accurate cost of generation and encourage conservation, PG&E’s new rate structure converts generation and distribution into flat rates and adds a new set of tiered rates called the Conservation Incentive Adjustment (CIA). The goal is […]

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