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There is a battle brewing among electronics retailers (Best Buy, Home Depot, and others), Telecommunications Companies (Verizon, AT&T & others) and Cable Companies (Comcast, others). The battle is for the control of your home, or rather, helping you navigate the new technologies that will assist you control your home. Best Buy plans to start selling […]

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Elementary, Dr. Wattson

The guys at flyingcranes used our APIs to create Dr. Wattson, which took home both the People’s Choice award and the Best Design/UX award at the CleanWeb Hack this past weekend. For bonus points, they mashed in the Twilio APIs to message Energy Efficiency Auditors in your area and schedule an energy audit.  

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Dynamo App

The guys at Dynamo Labs mashed up our APIs to create an app that allows residential consumers to find better electric plans. They used our data from our Calculation and Pricing APIs, and present electricity plans in a unified visual format. You can view of your bill over the course of a year, and the […]

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Our own developers Matt Fong and Michael Ihle came up with the winning hack, a project they call TACO (True Annual Cost of Ownership). Essentially it works like this: Simply install a Google Chrome extension on your browser. When you shop at any online store for appliances (ie. Best Buy or Lowe’s), the TACO extension […]

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Tendril Energy Wars

At the Cleanweb Hack this weekend, the guys at Tendril mashed-up their APIs with our Electricity Pricing Data to create a pretty cool iPhone & Android App they called ‘Energy Wars’. It works kinda like the old AIM Wars- anyone can compare their energy pricing with anyone else in the country, by zip. Awesome! Check […]

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Apps that Matter

The CleanWeb Hackathon this weekend was a grand affair! Spring Ventures , PariSoma and GigaOm provided us with an awesome venue, groovy tunes, tons of great food, beer and other beverages, and we hacked for 36 hours straight. There were five apps that used our Electricity Pricing APIs to effect some serious change. Tendril mashed […]

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How to use our APIs

Check out these videos, for a quick and dirty overview of using our RESTful APIs including using the Price method, getting Tariff data and getting Load Serving Entity data. Price Get a point-in-time price of any tariff.   Tariffs Get the details of any electricity tariff within the U.S. (residential, commercial & industrial)   Load […]

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Price Response Mash-up

Within the next 2 years, approximately 220,000 mid-sized medium and 1,000,000 small commercial accounts will be defaulted onto Critical Peak Pricing in California alone. Smart hackers at the CleanWeb Hackathon can mash-up our Electricity Pricing APIs, with (shiny new, private-alpha) Demand Response APIs from our partners at Joule Assets. The possibilities are quite awesome, and […]

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Real-time Energy Mash-up

Our friends at Rainforest Automation have a pretty cool schtick: the RAVEn. About the size of a memory stick, it wirelessly grabs data from your smart meter. Plug-it-in to your computer’s USB port, and you can track your energy consumption, real-time (most utilities provide only day-old data, even with SmartMeters ™ enabled). One cool mash-up […]

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Carbon Hack

Our friends at AMEE also have a cool API, with a focus on Carbon data (and other GHGs). Since our focus is on Energy Pricing Data, the combined possibilities are really quite exciting. (We hope that developers at the CleanWeb Hack next weekend in San Francisco will mash-up some cool hacks with our combined APIs) […]

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