Matthew Fong

Matthew is responsible for the User Interface and Experience of Genability's products. Prior to joining Genability, Matthew spent two years as a UI Engineer for Lift Media where he contributed to the build out and expansion of the product, working with companies such as Fandango, Pizza Hut and Matthew graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. / Apps For Energy Behind the Scenes Tech

The U.S. Energy Department issued a challenge to software developers to create an app to help utility customers make the most out of the Green Button electricity usage data. At Genability, we work hard to gather energy pricing data across the United States and structure it in a way that developers can use. So we […]

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Networked Energy in a Networked Society

Ericsson has released a great mini doc about the past, present and future of connectivity. It’s a fascinating look at facts about us, how we use our technology and how fast the world is changing. Pay close attention to Rob Faludi, the author of “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” around the 15 minute mark. He touches […]

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PG&E Interactive Energy Bus Stop

Yesterday, I passed a MUNI bus stop here in San Francisco and something caught my eye. I’ve seen interactive bus stops before so seeing a couple of kids playing with the screen didn’t stop me to take a picture. What caught my eye was the topic of the interactive ad: “Time-Varying Pricing.” PG&E has created […]

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Genability API PHP Library and Examples

We’ve added a PHP Library for our Genability APIs to Github. You can check it out right now at: It works right out of the box and includes methods to use most of our api calls. It even includes our newest calculate method so you can start playing around with the calculator. More on […]

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