Jason Riley

Jason is the founder and CEO of Genability where he works to help New Energy Companies build energy cost savings into their products and services. Jason has over 15 years of senior leadership experience developing energy technologies. Prior to Genability, Jason co-founded and was Chairman of Entessa, a provider of energy logistics enterprise software, which he sold to Energy Solutions International. Jason served an investor and advisor to ESI until it was acquired by OakTree Capital's GFI Energy Division. Jason was born in England and educated in Scotland.

Announcing Signal, the world’s best utility rate engine

Genability is pleased to announce our latest product, Signal. Signal is our first product purely for Utilities and Retail Electric Providers (REPs). Signal empowers these providers with the ability to better understand and present electricity costs and savings wherever they engage, service and communicate with customers.     Signal answers a growing need for utilities […]

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The Tesla and SolarCity Big Bundle

At Genability, we’ve been thinking about what the new energy future might be, pretty much all day, every day, for the last six years. To me, it feels inevitable that i) a sizable portion of our energy generation will be distributed, ii) distributed storage and load intelligence will have to be used to smooth intermittent […]

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Genability Closes a $3 Million Investment

Today we are pleased to announce we have closed a $3 million investment from WindSail Capital. WindSail helps companies that advance energy innovation, with a particular focus on energy sustainability (http://www.windsailcapital.com). They provide debt to companies with solid financials and strong revenue growth. They really couldn’t be a better fit and we are very excited […]

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Farewell Laylee

It’s a bitter-sweet day. Today is Laylee’s last day at Genability. If you’ve ever emailed, called or visited us, you’ve likely met Laylee.  She’s been our office manager, team cheerleader and Jane-Of-All-Trades for the last three years.  We’re extremely sad to see her go, but we know she’s off to bigger and better and will […]

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Getting Notification of Outages

To ensure you receive timely notification of issues, outages and status of the Genability API and web applications, we are instituting a new support notification process. We promise you the following: 1. Outage Notifications We have internal and external monitoring services which automatically notify our engineering team of issues. If the API or app servers […]

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Genability welcomes EnerNOC as a Partner

Today I’m pleased to announce our newest customer, but more importantly our newest partner and investor, EnerNOC (NASDAQ: ENOC). The team and I couldn’t be more thrilled. As I’m sure many of you know, EnerNOC is a leading provider of energy intelligence software (EIS) to commercial, institutional and industrial organizations, with customers around the globe […]

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Genability Partnering with Greenstart

We are pleased to announce that Genability is partnering with Greenstart to bring their expertise in design thinking to our team.  They will be an integral part of all product design and development moving forward.  Greenstart is a venture capital firm and design studio that works exclusively with companies at the intersection of cleantech and […]

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Explorer Updated in time for Santa

We are trying to get on the nice list here, so we’ve been putting in some long hours on enhancements to Genability Explorer. We are pleased to share the following updates. What-if Cost Analysis The newest feature for accounts in Explorer is the Cost Analysis tab, which you can find under an account. This is […]

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HAPI Hack Weekend App Ideas

We’re going to be one of the judges and prize-givers at this weekends HAPI Hack Weekend in our own San Francisco. There will be 100+ developers slinging code all weekend using our and other companies’ APIs. If you are coming along, this post is for you! At Genability, our core mission is giving energy consumers […]

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Genability API’s now in Public Beta

It is with great pleasure we announce the roll-out of our first APIs into public beta. At the same time we are also launching the Genability Developer Network (GDN). Genability Developer Network Anyone can sign up for a free Genability Developer Network Account at http://developer.genability.com. Here you will find complete documentation of our API’s, tools […]

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