Justin Lee

Justin works one on one with customers to analyze their projects and find the best places to install solar. Justin has a wide ranging background in the energy and sustainability sector, including the wine industry at Jackson Family Wines, the green building construction sector and university energy management. Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Macalester College.

Genability Switch V4: Introducing Dash

Dash is a visual tool we developed to complement your origination platform and help guarantee that you are generating high quality proposals. This self service web-app takes the power of the Switch APIs and makes them easily accessible to quickly view and troubleshoot savings analyses, review and change account settings, and perform scenario analyses.   […]

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California Rate Reform, the Utility Death Spiral and the Duck Curve

What did the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) recently decide, and what does that suggest about the longer term California energy prices and their impact on the rapidly growing solar market? On July 3rd, the CPUC voted for approval on the awaited changes to CA’s residential electricity rate structures.  Rather than immediately impacting electricity prices […]

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