Run a calculation in your browser!

In this post, we’re going to walk through how to run a calculation right from your browser.  It’s easy, kind of fun and very powerful!   To run a calculation from your browser, you need to use the Storage APIs and create an account.  This will allow you to persist usage data and other properties.  If […]

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Tariff Territories Simplified

Many utility companies charge different rates based on the geographic location of the customer.  This is particularly true in CA, NY and MA where utilities such as California’s PG&E and SoCal Edison implement territory based pricing.  Up until now, with our APIs it has been a multi step process to get the rates for a […]

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For Cleanweb hackers, here is NY Data of Interest

If you’re building an app with our APIs and you’re working with NY data, we suggest looking through here to get a quick start.  We’ve created a quick reference page here for NY related utility and tariff pricing information. We’ve included the primary utility companies and what we have seen to be their most widely […]

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Genability’s Storage API is now in Beta

We are thrilled to announce  the release of the Genability Storage APIs into Beta today.  The Storage API contracts have stabilized to the point that we do not anticipate any major revisions to them.  As with all of our Beta APIs, we try very hard not to make any unnecessary changes, and when we do […]

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Cleanweb Hackathon 2012

We are thrilled to be a sponsor at the upcoming Cleanweb hackathon in New York.  The event will be the weekend of 1/21 – 1/22 and, among others, is being organized by Spring Ventures and Dynamo who did a great job with organizing the first Cleanweb in San Francisco this fall.  Check out our Apps […]

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Getting rates in US $

We all prefer dollars to cents so why would it be any different in our APIs?  Well, thanks to a user who pointed this out, we noticed that we were returning consumption and demand rates in cents instead of US Dollars. To be clear, this is only when you are retrieving a tariff and asking […]

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API release – Calculation Assumptions & USD Rates

We’ve released a number of upgrades to the API’s and we’d like to highlight a few key ones: Tariff Rate Amounts in USD Historically, when you ran a calculation or asked for a price, any currency returned was in the same denomination. However, the tariff rate amounts that you got back from the tariff end […]

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Real time vs caching data

One question we hear a lot is whether our pricing data is intended to be cached or served up real time.  The short answer is that we design our APIs to be accessed real time.  One of the biggest benefits of real time access to the APIs is this allows us to ensure that the data […]

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How to calculate the cost of a tariff

The most frequent question we get is “What is the easiest way to calculate the cost of a tariff?” EDIT: As of October 2017 this continues to be a populate blog post. However, in the 6 years since we first published this, we have moved on quite a bit. We recommend reviewing out developer website, […]

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Win an iPad – refer a rockstar engineer

We’re looking for a talented, motivated software engineer to join our team.  If you know someone who wants to use big data to solve real world problems, send them our way!  And if they join us, we’ll send you a fully loaded iPad.  Deal?

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