MIT’s “Cubic Solar Energy”

Researchers at MIT are hard at work on the problem of solar efficiency, and lowering the cost per kilowatt on solar panels. A few weeks ago, senior researcher Jeffrey Grossman presented his findings on a new type of solar architecture published in the journal of Energy and Environmental Science, which he claims can “open new […]

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An Insight into Net Metering

While net metering is nothing new in the world of energy, for the past 20 years, more and more investor and state owned utilities have been expanding these policies to make it easier for consumer to become producers. Net metering policies blurs the line between consumers and producers, providing a microeconomic solution for the consumer, […]

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Natural Gas Fracking

Fracking natural gas is extremely dangerous. If you don’t believe us, see what Stephen Colbert has to say about it. Stephen Colbert on natural gas fracking Talisman Terry’s Energy Adventure coloring book Remember kids, don’t light your water on fire without adult supervision. Serious burns may occur.

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The Energy UFO

Our friends at Visible Energy recently released the new Energy UFO Power Center (“Energy UFO”), which is designed to let consumers visualize electricity consumption, packaged in a vessel which truly looks out of this world. The Energy UFO acts as a manageable power strip that glows different colors to indicate high and low consumption. It also allows users that have […]

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A Problem of Understanding

If the average person doesn’t understand how electricity prices are structured, how are they going to save money on their bill? The recent Deloitte reSources 2011 Study indicates that only 38% of people claim they understand the resources offered to them by their electricity provider. Additionally, only 17% believe it would not be difficult for […]

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