3/1/2019 SCE Updates FAQ

Last Updated 3/14/2019

Genability has begun entering and reviewing the new Southern California Edison (SCE) tariffs for the 3/1 update. We will be entering rates and testing them thoroughly before making them available via our API. In the meantime, here are a few highlights from the newly-released rates.

Old TOU-D Options Open in APIs

Due to customer demand, we have delayed adding a closed date to the newly closed tariffs of TOU-D-A, TOU-D-B and TOU-D-T. This will allow our customer to continue to use these tariffs as post-solar tariffs.

Keep in mind that only customers who had switched to one of these tariffs prior to 3/1/2019 are eligible for to remain on the tariff post-solar. We are keeping “(Closed)” in the Tariff name in an effort to make clear that most customers cannot select these tariffs.

New Baseline Allocations

Starting on 3/1, SCE will be changing the Baseline Allocation for all Residential tariffs. In general the baseline allocations have increased for customers with gas heat and decreased slightly for customers with electric heat. Here are the old and new values for customers with gas heat:

Zone 5Summer13.717.2
Zone 6Summer9.411.4
Zone 8Summer10.412.6
Zone 9Summer13.816.5
Zone 10Summer16.218.9
Zone 13Summer18.822.0
Zone 14Summer16.118.7
Zone 15Summer39.946.4
Zone 16Summer12.114.4
Zone 5Winter15.218.7
Zone 6Winter9.611.3
Zone 8Winter9.110.6
Zone 9Winter10.612.3
Zone 10Winter10.812.5
Zone 13Winter10.912.6
Zone 14Winter10.512.0
Zone 15Winter8.29.9
Zone 16Winter10.812.6

New Distribution Rates for TOU-D-4-9 and TOU-D-5-8

With the new rates, SCE has made three changes to the Distribution Rates.

  1. Distribution Rates Nearly Double – We see the Distribution rate jumping from 8.5¢/kWh (all hours) to 15.8¢/kWh (Summer On & Mid-Peak, Winter Mid-Peak). This makes more of the customer’s costs available for delivery minimums when most kWh are offset by solar.
  2. Distribution Rates Now Vary by Time of Use (TOU) – Under the new tariffs, the Distribution rate varies according to the time of use period. The distribution rate varies from 15.8¢/kWh (Summer On & Mid-Peak, Winter Mid-Peak) to 11.1¢/kWh (Winter Super Off-Peak).
  3. Baseline Credit moved from Generation to Delivery Charges – The Baseline Credit of 6.774¢/kWh up to the customer’s Baseline Allocation (Baseline kWh per Day * Days in the Billing Period) is now a Distribution charge. This means the Baseline Credit will be included when evaluating delivery minimums.

New TOU Periods for Commercial Tariffs

As expected, the new SCE tariffs change the Time of Use Periods for all Commercial tariffs with Time of Use pricing. We cover these changes in depth in our Proposed Tariff post.

TOU-D-PRIME Limited to Customer’s with Storage

Per the new documentation, TOU-D-PRIME is only available to customers who meet the following requirements:

5. PRIME Eligibility Requirements: 

a. All Customers served on Option A, Option A-CPP, Option B, Option B-CPP as of March 1, 2019 are eligible to take service on Option PRIME and Option PRIME-CPP. 

b. Notwithstanding Special Condition 5.a above, beginning May 1, 2019, all Customers newly requesting to take service under Option PRIME and Option PRIME-CPP must attest to having one or more of the following technologies to be eligible for service on Option PRIME or Option PRIME-CPP: 

(1) Electric Vehicle; 

(2) On-site behind-the-meter (BTM) energy storage system; 

(3) Electric heat pump system for water and/or space heating

Change in TOU-RTP Categories

It’s long been expected that SCE was going to simplify the weekday day-type categories from 5 to 3 categories. This simplification has occurred for the new TOU-D-RTP tariff.

Updated Avoided Cost of Power (ACP) Values

The table below outlines updated Avoided Cost of Power for SCE customers based upon the newly published rates. These assume a customer starting on the D – Domestic tariff and switching to TOU-D-4-9PM-NEM2 – Domestic – Time of Use, 4-9 PM (NEM 2.0). The ACP is lower under the new rates for 80% and 90% offsets, but higher for systems that offset 100% of the customer’s power. This is because so many charges have moved under the Delivery Minimums (see Distribution rates above).

Zone80% Lo90% Lo100% Lo80% Hi90% Hi100% Hi

New SCE Tariffs

D – Domestic

TOU-D-4-9PM-NEM2 – Domestic – Time of Use, 4-9 PM (NEM 2.0)

TOU-D-5-8PM-NEM2 – Domestic – Time of Use, 5-8 PM (NEM 2.0)

TOU-D-A-NEM2 – Domestic – Time of Use – Option A (NEM 2.0) (Closed)

TOU-D-B-NEM2 – Domestic – Time of Use – Option B (NEM 2.0) (Closed)

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