Genability Ends our Exclusivity

We have an exciting announcement. Genability is now open for business to any and all new energy companies servicing commercial and industrial customers. Today we have lifted all restrictions that might have prevented you from working with us in the past.


Innovative New Energy Bundling in C&I

This is an exciting development as we are seeing a growing market for bundled offerings from non-regulated, new energy C&I providers. More and more new energy companies are providing their commercial or industrial customers innovative, tailored combinations of on-site efficiency technologies like smart lighting, heating and cooling, with distributed generation and storage, and aligned power procurement. They are more accessible to customers through innovative financing options and are managed via connected software. To sell and deliver these products, new energy companies need a combination of our capabilities. Before today figuring out which pieces were restricted and which weren’t made our sales process complicated to the point we had decided to leave the sector alone for a while. Not anymore! As of today, we now provide our tariff data, rate engine calculations, and in fact all our offerings to anyone and everyone.

Open for Business

In short, it’s go time. How can we help you? Any and all of you. Our products are at your service.

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