Run Down of GDN Updates


We have been working hard enhancing GDN with lots of great new how to’s, articles and information. We want our API customers to have the best resources possible. Below is a quick rundown of the latest and greatest updates….

Costs broken down by Charge Class

Did you know you can exclude rates from a calculation based on their charge class? Charge class denotes if charges are for Transmission, Distribution, Supply, Tax and a number of other classes. Excluding these can be useful in a number of use cases. Some of our customers involved in deregulated markets or energy procurement, use this to understand various components of the bill, price to compare (PTC) and which pieces of the cost structure they can reduce.

The `excludeChargeClass` is the request parameter that handles this. All our calculators take it as an argument. Here’s the on demand cost calculator:

A New How-To to get the right level of detail back

We continue to refine our recently published How to on using the Group By and Detail Level arguments on our calculators to get the precise granularity of results back that you need. In particular we’d like to highlight a recently added option to get results broken out by distinct charge types, seasons and time of use buckets, and tariff version, that is particularly useful for bill breakdown analysis (a `detailLevel` of `CHARGE_TYPE_AND_TOU`), and stacked bar charts. In fact our customer Pacific Gas & Electric uses this option on their customer engagement website to drive their stacked bar charts of billing costs.

It’s all about that Base(line)

The Typical Baseline API gives you regional typical electricity usage across a range of building types. It’s useful when you don’t have a good picture of usage data for a customer or region. We’ve added three new examples to the API page, in particular showing you how to size the typical profile, and how to get usage data back for a specific date range.

Domain Expertise on Territories Expanded

The Territory API reference page was updated with several new examples

Lets end with Javascript!

We added an example of how to use Javascripts Fetch to make “promisified” calls to our APIs.

Whenever Javascript Promises came up in discussions at the office, our alumni Michael would fire up the 80s classic. So to play us out …

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