NREL Validates Genability’s Accuracy

In a recent evaluation by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Genability’s savings calculations matched NREL’s results within 0.5%. NREL evaluated Genability’s tariff calculations against 1,500 California utility bills and performed statistical tests to compare the similarity of the actual utility bills to Genability’s results. The Genability results were nearly identical in mean and variance to actual costs on the 1,500 utility bills with an average difference of 2 cents and a maximum difference of 55 cents. The report is available on NREL’s publication website found here.

Difference Between NREL and Genability Data

Difference Between NREL and Genability Data

The NREL evaluation was performed in preparation for the release of our actual cost savings product, Verify. Verify brings transparency to savings by showing customers how much they would have paid for electricity had they not gone solar, then overlays solar and remaining utility costs to calculate savings. We’ll follow up in the near future with much more information about features and availability of Verify.

Verify Report

Verify, Utility Costs With and Without Solar

Our primary objective is providing customers with the most accurate avoided cost of power and savings information. We invest significantly in making sure our expansive database of residential and commercial electricity rates, tariff calculators, and load simulation models work in concert to produce very reliable savings forecasts. There are quality checks continuously running that ensure accuracy of the 15,000 tariff changes we make every month in over 1000 load serving entities.

We will continue to work with reputable third parties to validate the accuracy of our products. If you have questions about this report or any of our products, please contact us at

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