Our Team is Growing! Meet Our Newest Members

2015 has been a great year for Genability.  So far, we’ve have added five new members to our engineering and data operations teams. It’s been exciting to see our company grow in size and to see so many new faces around the office every day. Here’s your chance to get to know our newest folks a little better.


GenabilityHeadshots_I1C0990_sharpScott Harris
Role at Genability: I’m a Customer Implementation Engineer at Genability. I try to make it as easy as possible for customers to integrate the Genability API into their tools.
I’ve lived in: Orange County, CA.
Outside of work, I like to: Run, bike, and watch TV.
I work in cleantech because: It’s interesting. There’s always something new to learn.


GenabilityHeadshots_I1C8633_sharpKevin Timms
Role at Genability: Tariff Data Analyst
I’ve lived in: Rochester NY, Dayton OH, New Haven CT, Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA
Outside of work, I like to: Run, go on brewery tours, and sit on patios.
I work in cleantech because: With a lot of new hardware and business models based on cleantech, there’s some really great (fun!) opportunities for data analytics to make a meaningful impact on the future of energy.


GenabilityHeadshots_I1C0992_sharpMatthew Gerring
Role at Genability: User experience and data visualization
I’ve lived in: Shingle Springs, Placerville, Sacramento, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Oakland, CA; Washington D.C.; and Brno, Czech Republic
Outside of work, I like to: Cook, play music, ride my bike, plant things, build things.
I work in cleantech because: It’s a form of applied optimism, it’s an important supporting role for all of my friends locking down to pipelines, highways, and fossil fuel export terminals, and because the world doesn’t need a new way to order takeout 🙂


Andrew_I1C9755-2_bwAndrew Fister
Role at Genability: Senior Software Engineer.
I’ve lived in: Maryland, Illinois, San Francisco.
Outside of work, I like to: Play capoeira, read novels, and ride my bicycle around San Francisco.
I work in cleantech because: Improving energy production and efficiency is the only way to sustain our civilization long into the future, and also to improve the standard of living for the global community.


Sheena_I1C9744_bwSheena Carswell
Role at Genability: Extending and improving the scalability of Genability APIs
I’ve lived in: I grew up in Scotland, and lived and worked briefly in Sydney, Australia. Since moving to the US I have lived in Boulder, CO, Santa Barbara, CA and Berkeley, CA.
Outside of work, I like to: Eat good food, garden, travel, and play with our twin four-year-old boys.
I work in cleantech because: I like the job satisfaction of working in a field that makes a positive change to the world. It’s exciting to be involved in such a growing field.


These five people are all welcome additions to our team and we look forward to seeing how much they can achieve in the future. Check back soon for even more new faces!

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