Documentation Update: New How-Tos & Java Library

Over the last few weeks we’ve been making a lot of updates to our developer site. We’ve touched every page of the documentation, added new sections and updated some code. Read on to find out more.


One of the biggest updates to the documentation is the creation of the “How-Tos” section. Whether you just want to add a utility logo to your application or you need to do an entire customer savings analysis, the How-To section is the best place to start.

If you’re just getting familiar with the API, you’ll probably want to start with the Calculate Potential Solar Savings How-To. It outlines the entire process of doing a savings analysis with the Genability API. If you’ve got a nagging question that you can’t answer, the page of common scenarios might come in handy.

Java Client Library

We’ve also made two major updates to the Java client library. The first update is that we’ve brought the library up-to-date with the most recent changes to the API. This includes things like uploading a profile with baseline data instead of reading data or using the populateCosts parameter of the savings analysis endpoint. Every object, endpoint, and parameter in the API is now available through the client library.

The second major update is that we’ve made the Java client library available on the Maven central repo. Now, instead of having to download, import, and compile the library manually, you can just add the following snippet to your pom.xml:


You can see more about the client library on its dedicated GitHub page. Make sure to read the tutorial to see how to get started.

Updated Documentation

Finally, we’ve made a lot of updates — some major, some minor — to almost every page in the GDN. Some of the highlights include:

  • We’ve added a section on the Usage Profile page that describes how to upload solar production data as a modeled baseline rather than as meter reading data. This is now the preferred way to upload any solar production estimates that you’ve created.
  • On the Savings Analysis page, we’ve added a list of inputs that are available to you when using the calculator. Now you’ll know how to set the annual degradation rate for your solar system.
  • The Security page now includes examples of how to authenticate to the API in a number of common languages.

Give Us Your Feedback

All of these updates are made with one goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate the Genability API into your application. Let us know how we’re doing! If you find anything that is missing, out of date, or confusing, send us an email.

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