Getting Notification of Outages

To ensure you receive timely notification of issues, outages and status of the Genability API and web applications, we are instituting a new support notification process. We promise you the following:

1. Outage Notifications
We have internal and external monitoring services which automatically notify our engineering team of issues. If the API or app servers experience an outage, a significant slowdown, or some other issue, we will send a notification email to you via Zendesk. We will tell you exactly which services are, and are not, affected. We’ve now tied notifying you into our production notification process.

2. Periodic Updates
As our engineering team works on the issue, we will provide you with periodic and timely updates on the status of the issue. We will also include, to the best of our ability, an estimated time to resolution.

3. Resolution Notifications
As soon as we have confirmed that the service is back online or the issue is resolved, we will send word via email.

4. Post-Mortem Results
After every outage, we have an internal post-mortem where we investigate what caused the issue and identify measures to prevent it from reoccurring. Once complete we will send you a summary. Our goal is to send the summary within 24 hours, although this may vary depending on the issue’s complexity.

The notifications will be sent to the addresses you designate for this purpose. We have one list for API notifications, and another for web app notifications, as issues with one may not impact the other. For example, API notifications may be of importance for your IT and production support teams, whereas web app issues would impact internal end-users.

Eric will contact you soon to confirm we have the correct notification address for each of these lists. You may also update your contact addresses at any time by sending an email to

We take any outage or issue seriously. In addition to better outage notification, we’re working hard to prevent outages from occurring at all. We will blog separately on our service levels agreements (SLAs) and what we are doing to make our services more resilient and performant.

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