Join the Open Solar Savings effort!

In May, Genability announced the launch of our Open Solar Savings initiative at the White Houses Energy Datapalooza. Open Solar Savings will be an open-source database of residential solar savings and their location, available free via API.

This data can drive down the soft costs of solar by making the market easier to understand and more accessible for all participants. Our goal is for solar developers, energy educators, marketers, and financiers to use Open Solar Savings to find, attract, convert, and keep solar customers.

We need your help
We plan to work closely with solar experts as we build the database. That’s where you come in. Through an collaborative, iterative process, we can make Open Solar Savings a valuable asset for the solar community. If you would like to contribute to our effort, please contact us.

A showcase website
Along with the API, we’ll release a national map of residential solar savings. We hope that the interactive experience will bring new insights on solar’s avoided costs.


What can you do with solar savings data?
A spatial view of savings provides a fresh perspective on the solar market. Here are some of our ideas, but we are eager to hear yours.

  • Solar developers can use the API to find new residential markets and assess their potential value

  • Solar installers can systematically identify high-cost areas where they undersell the competition

  • Solar educators and marketers can illustrate their point using the showcase map’s intuitive display of regional savings trends

  • Homeowners can see trends in cost abatement in their region.

  • What other applications can you think of?

Next steps
With the guidance of industry partners like you, we’re working hard to compile and format our savings data. Spring 2015 is our target for the full launch. To share your thoughts and suggestions, or to request for early access to Open, please contact us.

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