Typicals: When You Don’t Have Customer Usage Data

As part of the launch of the Developer Toolbox, we’ve released a new product called Typicals.  If you’re working with customers to calculate energy savings and you “typically” ask for their usage data, Genability Typicals will be of some use to you.

What is Typicals Data?

Glad you asked.  Typicals is a database we’ve compiled of “typical” costs, usage and rates for a specific building type in a specific geography.  These localized typical costs can help you understand your customers’ potential savings before you can get your hands on actual usage data.  The database of Typicals includes thousands of profiles broken out by building type and vintage, climate zone, different available tariffs and more.

What do you use Typicals for?

Typicals is great for lead qualification, sales and marketing and any scenario where you need to make some assumptions about your customer.

For example, say you’re a commercial solar installer and you have a hospital prospect in zip code 94103 and you don’t have any of their utility bills yet.  You know the square footage of the facility and that it was built after 1980.  Before you start the process of collecting their data to determine solar suitability, you want to calculate a back-of-the-envelope Solar Savings calculation.   Using Typicals data, simply pass in these characteristics and Genability will return back a precise load curve for you to use in your analysis.

How many Typicals profiles are there?

Lots! The truth is the number is constantly growing.  Our database of profiles includes residential and commercial data for the entire country and we’ll be constantly adding new and updated profiles.  As of today, we have roughly 500 residential profiles and approximately 30,000 commercial profiles.

Where do these Profiles Come from?

We aggregate these profiles from a number of different sources including utility provided datasets, NREL tools such as EnergyPlus and several other sources like CBECS, CEUS, and RECS.   Also, if you have your own profiles or MAISY data, we can help calculate the costs.

If you’re as excited about Typicals as we are, check out our Developer Documentation for more details on how to get access to the APIs and integration.

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