Announcing Developer Toolbox

We’re pleased to announce our newest product, the Genability Developer Toolbox. With the release of our Developer Toolbox, software developers can now build more of our capabilities right into their energy applications.  Ideal for energy efficiency, distributed generation, load management, procurement, demand response, EV, and in fact any application where you need to understand how much energy is costing your customers and how much money your product or solution might save them.

What’s in the Developer Toolbox?

The Developer Toolbox includes enhanced versions of our existing database of tariff rate data and our best-in-class cost calculator API. But we’ve also added four new tools to the mix that let you understand what customers typically pay, send price signals and even model your own custom tariffs. Here’s some specifics:

Savings Calculator
A precise, flexible Solar cost and savings calculator giving you the industries most accurate economics of a solar system. You can model your solar production, cost escalation, PPAs or leases, quickly know utility avoided costs and net savings.

A portfolio of hourly cost, rate and usage data spanning the entire country. Available by building type, climate zone, different available tariffs and more. Great for sales, marketing and any situation where you don’t have usage data or would like to compare with similar homes and businesses.

Smart Price
Send a real time price signal to your connected appliance, HAN or EV smart charger.
Automate smarter usage using your customers’ rate plan, their utilities preferred plan, or even a custom tariff that conforms to EnergyStar or your negotiated programs’ rates.

Private Tariff
Design, model and calculate the costs for any, yes any, rate structure in your own private rate database.  Whether it’s custom contracts, bespoke tariffs, modeling rate proposed design impacts, or predicting the future; you now have the tool you need.

Tariff Rates
We’ve upgraded our comprehensive database of up-to-date rate plans in this release. You get access to better territory data including the geo “polygons” of service areas, climate zones and more. Use for mapping and GIS. Still comes with all the tariff details you need such as: Residential and General (C&I) rates, Seasons and Calendars, Time-of-Use, formulas and everything else you need to reproduce an electricity bill.  Nationwide coverage.

Cost Calculator

Now faster and more flexible, our industry best rate engine built directly in your energy app! Flexible results including by bill line item, type of charge (consumption, demand, fixed, etc.), as well as hourly or monthly periods and lots more.

Select the Tools You Need

You pick and choose just the tools you need. Each Tool has its own simple and affordable pricing. You will usually purchase a block of transactions/calls or data to use when you need it. We provide a wide range of block sizes and offer volume discounts. We also provide the help and support you need via three standard levels of support: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Bronze is ideal for cost conscious start-ups, Silver for growing companies and Gold when your volume grows. You automatically get associated with a minimum monthly equivalent payment.

We’ve updated our website with a Developer Toolbox specific page. If you’d like to know more, please contact us. And stay tuned, we have more Tools for the Toolbox under development for launch throughout the summer.

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