Popular Solar “Genability Tasks”

We recently launched Genability Tasks, an easy way to get help with energy costs and usage for prospecting, sales and marketing, customer service and support and more.  We do quite a bit of work in the solar space, so a month or so into Genability Tasks being publicly available, we wanted to highlight a few solar examples.

Calculating a PV Project’s Value of Solar

A commercial solar installer needed help calculating a precise pre & post solar electricity bill for a large commercial facility.  Our solar customer shared with us the customer’s usage data and solar production data from PVSyst.  The hourly solar production data needed to be broken into 15 minute intervals to match 15 minute usage data to determine the potential demand savings.  Genability was able to quickly manipulate the data, determine literal demand savings, and deliver a precise Value of Solar calculation to include in the proposal.

3 hours, 1 business day turnaround

Determining Optimal PV System Size

A solar customer wanted to determine the system size that maximized their residential customer’s avoided cost ($/kWh).  The customer provided utility bills (paper versions) and modeled PV production data (from an internal tool).  With this data, Genability determined the optimal system sizes for both the customer and solar installer.

4 hours, 1 business day turnaround

Prospecting Good Solar Tariffs

A commercial solar provider was interested in identifying new markets to enter.  Part of their research process included identifying commercial tariffs that had high time-of-use pricing variability and low demand charges.  Genability delivered a report covering annual-hourly prices for commercial tariffs across the U.S.

40 hours, 3 weeks turnaround

Do you have a related question or task not on the list above?  Email us and tell us about it, chances are we’ve encountered it before and if we haven’t, our research staff can point you in the right direction.  Genability Tasks are $75 per hour and always include a no-commitment estimate before we get started.  For customers needing a larger block of hours, bulk discounts are available.

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