The Science of Optimal Solar System Size

System sizing is one of the many skills that comprise the “Art of Solar”. Experienced solar developers have a feel for what is the best system size for a customer and are able to find a configuration that works for the customers specific economics. That’s a requirement when it’s hard to run avoided cost calculations with various system sizes.

Genability is working to make optimal system sizing easier and automated. Our latest contribution to this is the new Solar Profile Factor feature in Genability Explorer.  Now our Explorer customers can adjust the size of their solar production by entering a simple multiplier.  Enter 1.1 to increase your solar production by 10% , 0.9 for a 10% decrease.


When you click  “Run” we calculate the precise utility costs using this newly sized system, showing you the solar avoided costs. Within just a few iterations you can hone in on the system size with the maximum Avoided Cost of Solar or the largest system size your PPA rate will support.

Using the factor, you’ll see how changes in size and production help drive the unique economics of your customer. So if you’re working on a solar project, take two minutes with the factor tool to make sure you get the most out of each solar install. And if you’re not already an Explorer user, sign up for a 30 day free trial of Genability Explorer today.  Happy optimizing!

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