Genability Awarded SunShot Funding by the Department of Energy

We are pleased to announce that Genability has been selected as a SunShot Awardee by the U.S. Department of Energy.  Genability has been awarded $500,000 to develop Web, API and Data tools to instantly and accurately calculate and optimize the savings of implementing solar PV. Currently, figuring out the economics of a PV system is a manual and time-consuming task. Through automation, optimization and collaboration, Genability aims to reduce soft costs, or non-hardware costs, for the solar PV industry.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the DOE on this important capability,” said Jason Riley, CEO of Genability. “We share SunShot’s goal of mass adoption of solar and $1 per Watt by 2020. These tools in the hands of Solar Providers, Developers, Installers and Financiers will reduce sales soft costs by as much as 30%.”

SunShot is a collaborative national initiative to reduce the cost of solar energy in order to make it cost competitive with conventional forms of energy and spur widespread adoption.  SunShot’s primary goal is to reduce the installed cost of solar PV systems by 75% to $1 per Watt (or equivalently 5-6¢ per kWh), for a utility-scale PV system by 2020.  To this end, the DOE provides funding to organizations with innovative ideas and solutions for reducing specific costs related to solar energy.

Product development will start right away and we look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.  We’ll be posting more details shortly on what we are developing.  If you’re interested in being an early partner, email us at

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