GreenDreams – Write Code, Save the Planet

In honor of Earth Day and coinciding with EcoHackNY, our friends over at Brighter Planet launched GreenDreams, APIs for the Environment.  The new API compendium gives sample code, documentation and assistance for developers interested in creating APIs for the environment.  Having been a participant at a number of green hackathons, Brighter Planet wanted to create something for the developer community that would get people off the ground quicker with real, live sample queries.

We’re pleased that our Genability APIs are part of the mix. Others included are Brighter Planet themselves, to calculate the environmental impact of an activity or thing, GoodGuide, to find the environmental performance of a product by UPC code, Envirofacts (EPA) for lists of toxic releases by zip code, and NREL, to project the energy production and cost savings of a solar panel.

All code is on Github, and the site makes live calls. Its a great jump off for hackers to get going on their environmentally friendly projects. Let us know if you have any others you’d like to add!


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