.CSV and Explorer

Genability currently accepts usage data from our customers in both Green Button and .CSV formats.  Our CSV format is the same as Google PowerMeter’s format and we look to expand the formats we accept in the next several months.

In the meantime we have create a series of blank CSVs (links below) that allow you to easily migrate your usage data into the Genability format.  If you have any difficulties or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@genability.com and we will do what we need in order to get your usage data into our system.

Load Profile-15min Interval_2010_Template
Load Profile-30min Interval_2010_Template
Load Profile-60min Interval_2010_Template

Load Profile -15min Interval_2011_Template
Load Profile- 30min Interval_2011 Template
Load Profile -60min Interval _2011_Template

Load Profile- 15min Interval _2012_Template
Load Profile- 30min Interval _2012_Template
Load Profile- 60min Interval _2012_Template

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