Genability Supports Fast-Growing Green Button

24 hours after the Green Button initiative was announced in January, Genability Explorer and APIs supported the Green Button XML format, and with good reason.  The two requirements for precise electricity pricing are correct tariff data and timely usage data.  Genability has always had the first part (accurate tariffs) but energy users often struggle to get the second piece (usage). Especially homes.

That’s why we’re so pleased to see that the Green Button standard is catching on.  As part of the President’s comprehensive strategy for a secure energy future, he will outline the steps his Administration is taking to promote the development of necessary infrastructure and accelerate the pace of innovation of clean and cost-effective alternatives to traditional fuels.  On March 22, 2012 President Obama co-hosted an even at Ohio State University to highlight some of the nation’s most advanced energy-related research and development projects. Included in that conversation are the  15 utilities, serving 30 million households, who just announced their support for the Green Button.

Who’s signed up

Utility Customers Regions Current Status
American Electric Power 5.3 million Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia Committed
Pacific Gas & Electric 5.1 million California Implemented
Southern California Edison 4.9 million California Committed
San Diego Gas & Electric, 3.5 million California Implemented
Commonwealth Edison 3.4 million Illinois Committed
Oncor 3 million Texas Committed
Virginia Dominion Power 2.4 million Virginia, North Carolina Committed
PEPCO 1.9 million Delaware, The District of Columbia, Maryland and New Jersey Committed
CenterPoint Energy 1.8 million Texas Committed
PECO 1.4 million Pennsylvania Committed
Baltimore Gas and Electric 1.2 Maryland Committed
NSTAR 1.1 million Massachusetts Committed
Reliant 500,000 Texas Implemented
Austin Energy 400,000 Texas Committed
Glendale Power & Light 88,000 California Committed


The next step is for you, and your customers to log into your utility account to get your data.  Once armed with your data you can gain actionable insight into energy usage through third party applications like Genability Explorer and Genability APIs.  Understand what drives your energy cost.  See if you are on the best tariff to optimize for your unique situation- you have more choice than you think and now you can leverage your usage data to make the best choices.  Interested in energy efficiencies?  See which actions are most effective in saving energy and money.  Is solar right for you?  With your usage data and our applications you can get an answer.


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