New View into Real-time Rate Changes

It’s not easy keeping up with every retail electric rate in the U.S., especially when some rates are updated as often as every hour.  It’s even more challenging to find away to communicate that data in an easy, comprehensible way.  That’s why we’re very proud of our new rate summary in Genability Explorer.

With today’s release you can see the current price of electricity consumption in an instant, and with a simple toggle you can see all the rate changes due for the next 72 hours. In addition you can now peek behind the curtain and see every individual rate for a broad class of rates we call lookups.

Lookup prices are created whenever a price changes much more frequently than the underlying rules of the tariff.  Now when you log into explorer and you see a name instead of a number on the rates tab, you can click through to the full ist of prices for that rate.


Whenever a calculation uses a tariff with a lookup rate, we select the appropriate rate(s) for the date range.  Now when you follow a link on Genability Explorer you can see all the individual prices with their effective date ranges. Increasingly retail electric rates are incorporating dynamic pricing that can change as frequently as every day, and for Commonwealth Edison’s BESH the rates change every hour!

Login to Explorer soon to get a window into frequently changing rates.


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