Genability’s Storage API is now in Beta

We are thrilled to announce  the release of the Genability Storage APIs into Beta today.  The Storage API contracts have stabilized to the point that we do not anticipate any major revisions to them.  As with all of our Beta APIs, we try very hard not to make any unnecessary changes, and when we do we continue to support both formats for a while longer.

Ok, so what are the Storage APIs?

The Storage APIs allow you to persist information about your customers or customer scenarios. This includes historical usage (load profiles), tariffs and price information, and any other properties that drive energy usage and costs. Once you save this data within the Genability APIs, you can quickly access and use it without having to pass around bulky information.  For instance you you can:

  • track your customers actual and alternative tariffs, tariff costs and other related information
  • precisely calculate their energy costs based on their actual consumption data
  • easily run calculations across different tariffs to compare the costs based on real usage
  • tweak the consumption usage, for example decreasing it by 5%, to simulate the effects of implementing an energy efficiency program
  • quickly run lots of what-if scenarios involving alternate tariff configuration, energy efficiency measures, solar and other distributed generation, changes to consumption and demand, and lots more

You can access your stored data via both the APIs and Genability Explorer, so whatever you upload from one will be available through the other, and vice-versa.

Real world user stories

Here are some of the ways the Storage APIs can be used in every day workflows:

  • Solar installers can upload usage and production profiles and optimize configurations for their customer/prospects’s usage data and tariff combination
  • Energy efficiency experts can look at the breakdown of a calculation to hone in areas where they may be able to save some money
  • Building management technology companies record usage data from smart meters in real-time, and then easily access the profile from their optimization algorithm
  • Bill checkers can do measurement and verification of utility bills, to the penny

This just scratches the surface of whats possible with these tools. And we are rolling out more capabilities each week. To learn more, visit

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