Getting rates in US $

We all prefer dollars to cents so why would it be any different in our APIs?  Well, thanks to a user who pointed this out, we noticed that we were returning consumption and demand rates in cents instead of US Dollars.

To be clear, this is only when you are retrieving a tariff and asking populateRates=true to get back its rates.  We use US Dollars for fixed rates and in our Price and Calculate methods, so to be consistent across the board, we have added a new flag that allows you to get consumption and demand rates in US Dollars as well.  To do this, simply add betaStandardCurrency=true on the query string and you’ll get the rates back in US Dollars.  By default this returns cents.

This will all go away on 1/31/2012 and we’ll only return US Dollars going forward from then on.

For more info on getting tariffs and using this flag, please refer to our Get Tariffs documentation.

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