Explorer Updated in time for Santa

We are trying to get on the nice list here, so we’ve been putting in some long hours on enhancements to Genability Explorer. We are pleased to share the following updates.

What-if Cost Analysis

The newest feature for accounts in Explorer is the Cost Analysis tab, which you can find under an account. This is essentially a “what-if” page where you can see costs for the account side by side with costs for different tariffs, different elections and different usage.  Explorer how much you’ll save (or spend) if you…

  • Changed your tariff
  • Changed your account settings (e.g. Connection Type or Capacity Reservation Level)
  • Chose a different usage profile
  • Adjusted your usage up or down

The new Cost Analysis tab allows you view the results side-by-side with your original calculations and identify exactly where the savings(or costs) are.


Tariff History

We began collecting tariffs at the beginning of 2011 and have moved mountains to keep each tariff and rider up to date.  The result is that many of the tariffs that we maintain are already on their third or fourth version and some riders’ versions are well into double digits.  Now you can see all this history in Explorer.

That’s not all.  We’ve also made the calculator more flexible when it comes to dates.  Previously, if you wanted to run a calculation outside of the effective date range for a tariff, we wouldn’t deliver you a cost. Now we do and let you know exactly what data we had to fill in order to do it.  Look for a new line under the price summary that indicates if we had full pricing data.  If not we let you know and tell you exactly what assumptions we made to run the calculation.

Build and View Usage Profiles

We’ve made significant upgrades to our profiles section to make creating and editing usage profiles much easier.  No longer are you limited to uploading a profile, now you can build one interactively in Explorer.

Start with a blank profile or a pre-existing load profile and use our profile builder to add and edit consumption values at monthly, daily and hourly levels.  And you don’t have to worry about fat-fingering any data since immediately above is a graph that reflects the data you’ve entered.


Next we’ll be rolling out more enhancements. We’re working on better handling of demand charges, some improvements to managing usage profiles, tariff details and more.

Santa will be happy.

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