Cleanweb Hackathon 2012

We are thrilled to be a sponsor at the upcoming Cleanweb hackathon in New York.  The event will be the weekend of 1/21 – 1/22 and, among others, is being organized by Spring Ventures and Dynamo who did a great job with organizing the first Cleanweb in San Francisco this fall.  Check out our Apps That Matter blog post for a quick recap of some of the projects that were built in SF.

If the first Cleanweb in San Francisco this fall was any sign, we can expect to see some great  ideas.  We’ve expanded the feature set on the Genability APIs which now include:

  • a Storage API for saving load profiles and other account information so you can generate very accurate calculations without much set up from your side.
  • more flexible calculations so that if you do not have the answers to all the questions, or if we do not have the pricing data for a time frame you are interested in, we will make a best guess, and let you know the accuracy of the calculation.

And if you’re just getting familiar with the Genability APIs and plan to participate in the hackathon, be sure to:

  • sign up at and register for the Cleanweb hackathon event
  • read this quick start to getting started with the Genability APIs.
  • and if you’re looking for some ideas for the hackathon, we’ve written up a few here.

We’ll also have a couple of Genabilists entering the hacking competition including Matthew and Michael who won the overall prize at the SF Cleanweb Hack with their TACO entry.  Here’s a list of all the finalists and winners from that first event.

Happy holidays everyone.  See you in 2012!

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