Price Response Mash-up

Within the next 2 years, approximately 220,000 mid-sized medium and 1,000,000 small commercial accounts will be defaulted onto Critical Peak Pricing in California alone. Smart hackers at the CleanWeb Hackathon can mash-up our Electricity Pricing APIs, with (shiny new, private-alpha) Demand Response APIs from our partners at Joule Assets.

Get paid to curb your load

The possibilities are quite awesome, and highly valuable. Price response can be incorporated into any commercial (and some residential) energy consumption, using the Genability Pricing Data. Demand response is little more complicated, but with bigger rewards. The aggregation potential in California is upwards of 8500 MW, and demand response aggregators get paid! According to a FERC ruling that came into force on July 22, 2011 removing demand from the grid will be paid the same as generation.

(By September 21, 2012, each market operator must undertake a study examining the requirements for and effects of directly determining the cost-effective dispatch of demand response resources in both the day-ahead and real-time energy markets, and to file the results of the study with FERC.)

In some forward-looking jurisdictions (New England, New York, PJM, California, ERCOT, MISO, among others) demonstrate that you have aggregated negawatt in demand reduction, you will get paid the same as if you generated it. Mash-up our comprehensive Electricity Pricing APIs with those of Joule Assets, and CleanWeb hackers can essentially become next-generation energy suppliers in real-time and day-ahead marketplaces. How cool is that?

(Joule Assets’ demo API presently services New York and PJM. Their backend API for zip 10547 (New York) can be accessed here and for zip 08691 (New Jersey) can be accessed here.) The Genability Electricity Pricing APIs have near full coverage for commercial electricity pricing (including Demand Response jurisdictions, Time-of-Use pricing, Critical Peak Pricing, Peak Day Pricing etc.) providing the required data for Price Response and Demand Response apps.

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