Open Energy Datasets

As we ramp up for the CleanWeb Hackathon that we are sponsoring here in San Francisco, September 9 thru 11, we have assembled a list of open datasets for energy. Here they are in list form, please feel free to distribute them widely, and to mash them up with our electricity pricing database and other cool energy APIs:

Mash-em up!

Mash-em up!

1. Linked Government Energy Datasets
2. Database of Federal Energy Datasets
3. Open Energy Information Datasets
4. Electricity Generation by State by Type of Producer by Energy Source
5. Power Plant Electricity Generation and Emissions
6. Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
7. Commercial Building Profiles


Here are a few links to Load Profile Data (AKA Interval Data):

1. PG&E
2. SCE
3. BGE

Also here are a few tools and datasets that you might find interesting and helpful:

1. National Solar Irradiation Database
2. Rate your Building’s Energy Performance
3. California On-Grid Renewables

We hope those are fun to mash-up. If you have other datasets or tools to share, please do so in the comments to this post. Happy Hacking!

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