Electricity Bills Are Not Created Equal

When you type ‘electricity bill’ into your favorite search engine, you’ll find the results generated have one common theme, reducing your electricity bill.  There are many resources out there that give energy consumers tips on how to do just that. You can change your light bulbs, upgrade your appliances or simply turn the lights out when you leave a room.

One of my favorite articles,  “Monthly Challenge: reduce electricity bill”, advises readers to understand the consumption of your home appliances and to shop for competing electricity providers in deregulated markets.  But this isn’t the whole story, not every utility plan was created equal. It all comes down to the electricity tariff you are on and what tariffs are available to you.  Features like time of use charges, price per kWh, seasonal charges, distribution and consumption charges all contribute to the energy costs you pay.

Not all kWhs are created equal

When reducing your electricity cost the tariff plan you have with your utility company is just as important as changing your consumption.   Our website, WhatsMyPower gives electricity consumers the ability to see ways to reduce you bill by providing actionable items that are specific to your utility plan in both regulated and deregulated residential electricity markets.


Simply enter your zip code and select an energy rate plan from those available.  From there you will see what drives your power costs and respond accordingly.  If your rate plan varies by time of day, doing laundry at night may be a better option.  If consumption costs drive your plan then you may consider turning your AC down or switching to a ceiling fan.

Saving energy is important to us, so is saving you money.  If you want to learn more about your energy options, please check out whatsmypower today.

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