CleanWeb Hacks

Utilities and energy consumers will soon be engulfed in massive clouds of energy data emerging from newly installed SmartMeters. We believe by combining real-time consumption data with accurate pricing data, cleanweb hackers might create the key to our energy future.

Not all kWhs are created equal

Not all Kilowatt hours are created equal. All investor-owned utilities in California are mandated to pursue time-varying prices, like Critical Peak Pricing. Last year, residential PG&E customers that had opted-in to SmartRates cut their average use by about 17 percent on nine “SmartDay” events.

Within the next 3 years approximately 1.25 million small and mid-sized businesses will be defaulted on “Critical Peak Pricing” plans in California alone.

Stay tuned for our next post: We have a few suggested hacks, APIs and datasets that developers can mash-up with our electricity pricing data to deliver both residential and commercial energy customers real savings, while concurrently reducing peak energy demand.

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