Thank you HAPI hackers

This past weekend we were thrilled to be part of TokBox‘s HAPI hacker’s weekend.  It was Genability’s first time getting in front of developers and we were very impressed with the creative ideas people came up with for using our electricity pricing data.  The winner took home a cool prize of $500 for building a dashboard that mashed up our data along with product specs obtained from Mashery and showed the annual cost of running any appliance in your home would be, based on geographic location and your utility company.  Not bad.

Of course there were some other great apps built not involving our api’s.  Some of the ones that really stood out for me were FourSquare to Go which lets you download FourSquare content to your phone so you can use it offline.  Perfect for traveling.  Another great app (the name slips my mind) used Twilio and governmental information from Factual to set up a simple ‘Dial your Congress person’ site.  And all of this was just in a weekend.

We just want to send out a big, hearty thank you to all the developers and especially to TokBox for hosting the event.  And we hope to see many of you at some future hacker events really soon.

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