Help us design our What’s My Power browser extension

We’re building a Chrome extension and would love to hear people’s thoughts on what they’d like to see.  Essentially the extension will display the current price of energy relevant to your zip code.  Think of it as a weather extension but with a price instead of a temperature.

As you can see on What’s My Power, we’re gathering quite a bit of data from utilities, and we want to get the most useful data in front of the user.  Some of the ideas we are kicking around:

  • notifications when the current price is quite high or quite low.  This could be actionable info for the user, ie, while the cost of power is low I will run my heavy appliances such as my washing machine and dishwasher
  • ‘around the corner’ pricing.  Quickly see that three hours from now, prices will go up by 30%.
  • comparative pricing.  Utility companies offer several pricing plans for consumers to select from.  By default everyone gets on a (generally) fixed cost, ie, pay $0.20/kwh.  Other plans like Time of Use pricing have great variability depending on the time of day.  Comparative pricing would allow the user to see what they’d be paying on different plans.
  • personalized pricing.  Let the user enter their energy usage from their energy bill and we’ll give a good approximation of what they’d pay on different pricing plans

What would you find meaningful in a energy price extension?  The current cost of energy?  Plan pricing comparisons?

To help get you started, here are some mockups of what this extension may look like.  Thanks!

Selecting your utility

Comparative Pricing

'Around the corner' pricing

Rate Details

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